More Features with InfusedWoo 3.0

Just released: Automation Recipes, Checkout Custom Fields, Smart Coupons and many more...

Do everything with InfusedWoo...

Easy Setup

Setup InfusedWoo by following the setup guide that comes with InfusedWoo. It's quick and easy!

Works with any Gateway

Integrate woocommerce to infusionsoft using any payment gateway. Use Infusionsoft to process payments or use another gateway and still integrate with Infusionsoft!


InfusedWoo supports both campaign builder and legacy action sets to run necessary actions in Infusionsoft. Not only that, InfusedWoo comes with a free campaign blueprint for automating cart abandoment.

Subscriptions Support

InfusedWoo's subscription modules allows you to sell subscription in woocommerce and manage these subscriptions in infusionsoft. This is very handy when selling memberships and online materials.

Support and Updates

We always work on updating InfusedWoo, making sure it is free from bugs and security issues. If you have questions or experience any issue, just drop as an email and we will be happy to help you.

CRM Integration

Automatically add/update contacts to Infusionsoft upon successful purchase.


Send infusionsoft email templates when customer purchases a specific product.


Apply specific tags when customer purchases a specific product.


Tie Woocommerce products with Infusionsoft products to track purchases inside Infusionsoft


With InfusedWoo, your Infusionsoft affiliate links can be tracked by the plugin and will apply necessary commissions to affiliates.


Allow your customers to add subscriptions to their shopping cart and monitor their subscriptions inside Infusionsoft.

User Registration

Save contact information to infusionsoft of the newly registered user.

Credit Cards

Give your customer the ability to select a saved credit card in Infusionsoft

Payment Gateway

Use your Infusionsoft merchant account as a payment gateway for woocommerce checkout.

Smart Coupons

Auto-create coupon codes in Woocommerce. These discounts will be depicted in the Infusionsoft invoice.


Use Woocommerce shipping methods to ship their order items. Shipping fees will be depicted in the Infusionsoft invoice.

Campaign Builder

Integrate woocommerce with Infusionsoft Campaign Builder to run effective customer campaigns.

Cart Abandon Campaign

Help your customers complete their checkout by sending them an email reminder when they leave their shopping cart.

Sales Tracking

Track all your product purchases both in Infusionsoft and Woocommerce.

Product Import

Transfer products from woocommerce to infusionsoft or vice versa using the Import / Export Tool.

Order Import

Transfer orders from woocommerce to infusionsoft or vice versa using the Import / Export Tool.

Custom Fields

Need to gather extra information from your customers? Add custom fields in woocommerce checkout and connect this to infusionsoft.

Support and Updates

We consistently update InfusedWoo and provide email support to help you set up InfusedWoo.

Lots of Businesses are now using InfusedWoo!

If you are using woocommerce this is a must have plugin. Easy installation and seamless integration. One of the best user guides I have ever seen for any wordpress plugin.

~ Rachel Mitchell, United States

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